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360 Defence (UK) Limited is a highly experienced training provider and risk consultant company with decades of experience and a unique team of multi-discipline experts.

We specialise in cyber protection; anti and counter terrorism; business continuity management; officer safety training; operational security for emergency services; reputation protection management; self defence, asset protection; and media crisis management.

As an independent company with no political formations or alignments 360Defence is universally recognised as the premier provider of training in Krav Maga and Krav Maga Maor self-defence for law enforcement agencies, emergency services, security personnel and multi-national corporations in the UK and internationally.

In 2014, in conjunction with 2T Security and Help2InfoSec, we jointly created a modified attack tree approach to risk assessment and management for the awareness, anticipation and avoidance of problems pertaining to any business or project within a wide variety of sectors – including business, government, military or law enforcement.

Drawing on the experience of subject matter specialists (SCS), who can be engaged directly or to implement train the trainer programmes, the 360 risk management process enables users to efficiently identify and analyse possible threats. This has since matured into RiskTree ™.

By examining the cost, complexity and consequences (CCC) involved for potential attackers, along with the likely financial, physical and reputation damage suffered by those targeted for attack, it is possible to quickly establish levels of risk and take appropriate action to mitigate them.

Completely software independent RiskTree ™ is already used for assessing Cyber risks within UK and devolved government departments. 360 Defence is currently rolling out the methodology to a variety of sectors across the UK and beyond.

Our instructors each have 30 Years plus extensive experience in Cyber, Physical Security, Risk Management and controls and special services across Government, Defence, CNI and Business.

We are also experts in security and risk management with experience spanning 5 decades in all parts of the globe and in all theatres.

We provide direct training as well as corporate ‘survival days’ focusing on defensive techniques to counter everything from street crime and road rage to getting involved in a major incident. We were the first UK Company to offer public Terrorism Awareness training in the UK.

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