Business Continuity

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Officially, Business Continuity is defined as being able to “continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident”. In other words, common sense.

Every organisation needs to take responsibility for resilience in times of crisis. A fire, civil disturbance, criminal act, adverse weather conditions, IT crash or major power cut are just some of the perfectly plausible scenarios that can drive a business or organisation off course.

A minor disaster can quickly turn into a major crisis without proper plans in place to enable staff to “keep calm and carry on”.

360 Defence instructors have years of first hand experience in business continuity and resilience planning. Disruption of any kind can be expensive both financially and in terms of reputation and customer confidence.

Our tailor-made training courses and consultancy packages can help any organisation quickly identify key issues and the most urgent actions required in the event of problems.

We will help devise an economically efficient plan, train staff and prepare contingencies to enable any organisation to continue operations and recover quickly from any size of disruption, regardless of its cause.

360 Defence’s Business Continuity team has a huge range of experience of working with private and public bodies, government and corporate organisations, multi-national firms and small businesses.

Experience shows that organisations that invest in training staff and developing business continuity plans recover better, faster and stronger than their unprepared peers and competitors.

However Business Continuity is an ongoing project. A plan developed years or months ago and left forgotten and outdated in a drawer can be as much of a liability than an asset. When’s the last time you reviewed yours?

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