Anti and Counter Terrorism

Photo: Francis Tyres

The risk of a terrorist attack on a public target has never been so real.

Unfortunately, the authorities tasked with protecting the country can only do so much. It is the responsibility of everyone to help ensure the safety of family, friends, colleagues and community.

Experience has shown that soft targets such as shopping malls, leisure venues, public spaces, transport hubs, banks and other corporate centres are increasingly at risk.

360 Defence developed the UK’s first public terrorism survival course to critical acclaim more than a decade ago and we have been at the forefront of anti and counter terrorism training ever since.

We provide a variety of anti and counter terrorism courses, specifically tailored to the needs of law enforcement, military, corporate and civilian participants. Each of these courses can be delivered at your premises or at a third party venue.

Our comprehensive reality-based training sessions are designed to benefit anyone working in the public sector, for a local authority, on public transport or involved in the leisure and retail industries.

In addition to gaining an insight into how terrorists think, participants are trained to recognise suspicious activity, such as the hostile reconnaissance of targets, and how to implement security measures to deter an attack or reduce the impact of any incident.

We work with all our clients to identify their specific risks, create an effective anti-terror strategy and train their people to keep staff and public safe.

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