Asset Protection

Whether it’s people, property, products or services the assets of greatest value to any organisation are often the most at risk.

Whatever area of business or the size of your organisation corporate espionage, organised crime and increased terrorist activity makes us all more vulnerable to attack.

Serious Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) target legitimate businesses in many ways. It is essential that businesses of all sizes are aware of potential threats and learn how to protect themselves against financial scams, theft of equipment or data and physical attack.

It’s estimated that industrial espionage costs businesses as much as $1 trillion a year and cybercrime around $400billion.

At 360 Defence we provide effective solutions and training to minimise the threats that could put lives in peril, jeopardise performance, damage reputations and potentially put organisations out of business.

Often the best security plans are the most simple, flexible and easily compatible with existing emergency or health and safety strategies. Our highly experienced operatives are here to help effectively and economically assess the risks you face and advise on the options, equipment and products available.

Times and habits change so to be most effective all security plans need to be tested and reviewed regularly so everyone in your organisation is familiar with your procedures.

Our specialists in IT and physical security work together to ensure a seamless solution overlapping all our clients’ needs.

We can survey your premises, assets and current security plans and advise on the installation of physical and procedural security measures to protect all your assets.

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