Crisis Management

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The majority of crises may be unexpected but they don’t have to be unplanned.

A crisis can be triggered by almost anything that directly or indirectly has a negative impact on an organisation’s operational ability or reputation. How and when you react to an incident can make all the difference between it being a minor problem or becoming major disaster.

At 360 Defence we have a unique team of highly experienced business continuity experts, risk managers, security specialists and media professionals ready to help any organisation to anticipate, avoid or deal with a crisis of any kind.

Our trainers have experience working with government departments, public bodies, multi-national organisations, blue-chip companies, law enforcement agencies, emergency services and companies of all sizes to develop, practice and deliver highly effective crisis plans.

One of the first casualties of any crisis is often the availability of accurate information. To avoid a catastrophe organisations need to be able to reach out to staff, stakeholders, customers and the public quickly before speculation, rumour and falsehoods fills the communication vacuum and causes even more damage.

360 Defence provides a range of crisis management training courses throughout London, across the UK and internationally, to help equip companies and organisations with the knowledge and skills to understand what will happen in a crisis, how to react and even turn a potential disaster into as positive an outcome as possible.

All our courses are tailor-made for clients and their specific needs. Each one can be carried out on-site at your premises or at a location of your choosing.

Our experts will help assess the challenges you face, identify stakeholders, create a plan of action, train staff and, if required, regularly review and update your protocols and procedures for anticipating and reacting to events.

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