Operational Security

Photo: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène

Every business or organisation has information which if allowed to fall into the hands of criminals or hostile adversaries could be damaging.

At 360 Defence we think like ‘bad guys’ to discover our clients’ weaknesses and use that information to help them create protective measures against a variety of threats to operational effectiveness.

We combine physical and cyber penetration tests on all data servers, software and hardware assets, including buildings and locations.

Our Operational Security experts always think worst case to best case and will identify which information which, if lost, could be harmful to your reputation, productivity or safety of your personnel and customers.

We will assist you to determine potential threats, analyse vulnerabilities and implement safeguards to protect crucially important data.

Our specialists have decades of experience in helping organisations apply countermeasures against hostile threats and mitigate risks of adversaries obtaining critical operations-related data.

360 Defence operators have worked for numerous UK and overseas government departments, law enforcement agencies, public organisations and blue-chip companies.

Incredibly, more than 90 per cent of information obtained by hostile adversaries can be freely collected from Open Sources, such as social media and public documents, without breaking the law.  Do you know how to stop that? We will help recognise vulnerabilities and plug the gaps in your security.

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