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360 Defence (UK) Limited

Protect, survive and thrive. Let us help fight the threat of cyber and physical attacks on your business, property and people with the effective and innovative 360 Defence.

Criminal cyber attacks affect millions of lives and cost billions of pounds each year.

The threat and realisation of terrorist attack on civilian targets in the UK is at its highest since the 1970s.

The need for vigilance and security training has never been more important.


RiskTree™ is an easy to use, tried and tested methodology specifically devised to quickly, accurately and economically identify potential risks and solutions.Already in use by UK and devolved government departments it is a highly valuable asset to any business, government department, military and law enforcement. 

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RiskTree™ – the only service you’ll ever need to assess risks and identify solutions, see why major Government and Private clients calling this the 21st Century Defacto model to use.

Cybersecurity breaches make identifying risks a top priority for organisations.

In the media

The international reputation of 360 Defence as experts in cyber security, counter terrorism, self defence and crisis management means we are often in demand for a comment or two.

Over the years our experts have featured on TV and radio, and in some of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines.

360 Defence is one of the UK’s foremost authorities on cyber and physical security, anti and counter-terrorism, self-defence and reputation protection.

We are specialists in cyber protection; anti and counter terrorism; business continuity management; officer safety training; operational security for emergency services; reputation protection; self defence, asset protection; and media crisis management.

All our senior consultants are highly experienced leaders in their respective fields with an average of over 30 years involvement working across Government, Defence, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), Business and international communications.

Along with 2T Security and Help2InfoSec 360 Defence was instrumental in the creation of RiskTree™, a modified attack tree approach to Risk Assessment Methodology for the awareness, anticipation and avoidance of problems pertaining to any business service asset or project within a wide variety of sectors – including business, government, military or law enforcement.

RiskTree™ is already being used for assessing Cyber risks within UK and devolved government departments

Our team of consultants consist of lead Security Services professionals, Cyber Risk Management specialists, Lead  NCSC Certified Practitioners, ex CLAS, CSA Star Auditors, ISo27001 Lead Auditors and Accredited Cyber Essentials (ACE) Consultants. They can be engaged directly or to provide a ‘train the trainer ‘ course on how to use RiskTree™ to its full potential.

In addition to Cyber Security 360 Defence is also internationally recognised as a premier provider of training in Krav Maga and Krav Maga Maor self-defence for law enforcement agencies, emergency services, security personnel and multi-national corporations.

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