In the media

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

At 360 Defence we believe educating and informing the public about security threats and various counter measures is important. Everyone has a duty to help fight crime and terrorism.  If the authorities are to safeguard our communities it helps if everyone could take responsibility for their personal safety and learn the basics of Awareness, Anticipation and Avoidance.

The media profile of 360 Defence as specialists in anti and counter-terrorism – including business continuity management, officer safety training, operational security for emergency services, self defence and asset protection – has risen substantially over recent years.

Our consultants have frequently been called upon by numerous newspapers and magazines and various television and radio broadcasts to give an opinion or pass comment on elements of topical news stories.

We have helped with articles on everything from combating road rage and knife crime to surviving a terrorist incident or avoid being mugged on holiday.