360 in the Press

Here are some examples of press coverage

Media experts

Over the years 360 Defence has been called upon by the media to comment on a range of issues, policies and events. Everything from car cloning  and defence lessons for clergy to terrorism safety for students.

This Is Cheshire
The Scotsman
The Observer
Helensburgh Advertiser
The Scotsman



Terrorism Awareness

360 Defence was the first to devise terrorism awareness training events for members of the public. Adapted from our highly successful professional courses the initiative attracted a lot of international media attention, such as:

Sunday Express
Evening Times
The Guardian
Daily Express
Contingency Today
BBC website
Sunday Post
Daily Pioneer
Irish Examiner

Corporate espionage

In this article from Business 7 Simon Leila of 360 Defence interviewed about alarming rise in corporate espionage.


The Independent

Road Rage

360 Defence created the first public course for drivers highlighting the dangers of road rage and  the increased number of car-jackings across the country. The course attracted media attention from newspapers, television and radio around the world.

The Times
The Sun
Helensburgh Advertiser
Canada World


Self Defence

360 Defence instructors pioneered the teaching of Krav Maga in the UK and were the first to put on courses for the public in Scotland.

The Independent
Helensburgh Advertiser

Film Magazine

When Film Magazine did a feature on a guide to urban survival they called upon the expertise of 360 Defence.